Cold-Pressed, Extra Virgin, Organic Chia Oil - For Culinary Use

  • Product Overview
  • Health Benefits
  • Nutrition & Ingredients
  • How to Use

Product Overview

  1. Cold pressed below 115⁰ F the lowest temperature possible, truly a raw oilOrganic Chia Seed Oil
  2. Processed and stored in oxygen and light occluded environment
  3. 375⁰ F Smoke Point safe and nutritious up to that point, better than olive and coconut oils
  4. Highest Omega 3 (ALA) content of any plant oil
  5. Perfect Omega 3:6 ratio 3.5:1 (respectively)
  6. 1 teaspoon provides more than daily Omega 3 requirement
  7. 48 servings per bottle
  8. Convenient and easy to use on salads, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, bread, pasta, and light sautéing
  9. The Organic Pure Foods Company™ has a zero-tolerance policy for all pesticides. "The Organic Pure Foods Company™ is the first company to establish detailed sampling protocols and a triple testing policy to ensure that all products meet our stringent zero-tolerance policy.
  10. We invite you to enjoy the PEACE OF MIND you and your family will have using these unique UltraPure™ Chia Seed Oil.

Health Benefits

  1. Promotes the health and support of: the brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system, weight management.

Nutrition & Ingredients

  1. Ingredients: Organic Chia Seed Oil
  2. Certified Organic, GMO-FREE, Gluten-Free, Kosher and Guranteed Pesticide Free.

How to Use

  1. Quick tip: Makes a healthy and delicious substitute for butter or margarine. Simply spread on your toast in the morning to feel the full benefits of Cold-Pressed, Raw, Chia Oil.